Terms & Conditions For Hire

Dickies Menswear

Terms and conditions of hire:

Dickies Menswear will provide garments as detailed on your order as long as they are available with in the size ranges available. All garments are quality checked before and after every hire to ensure all garments are of a high standard and free from any defects. However due to dry cleaning some garments may show slight shading especially in our herringbone range this is due to type of material that is used. Dickies Menswear reserves the right to substitute to the nearest half size as follows:

  • Jacket Sleeve +/- 1 inch
  • Trouser length +/- 1 inch
  • Waistcoat +/- 1 inch
  • Top hat +/- 1 inch
  • Shirts +/- 1 inch


On Booking:

The customer will be required to come into store in order to pick out all garments required for the event. At this point it is the customers responsibility to fill out any paper work necessary and to make sure they are happy with what we have down per suit being hired. Deposits will be required at this time to confirm the booking. This will be £20 per suit being hired from us. If you feel unable to accept any of these terms and condition’s you may cancel within 24 hours of ordering and will receive a full refund including deposits. After this time deposits are non-refundable. Remaining balance of suit hire will be required on collection unless stated otherwise.



First fittings for adults 3-4 months prior event. First fittings for children 2 weeks prior event. Second fittings for adults 2 weeks prior event. During the first fit we at Dickies Menswear will try our best to fit you up in the outfit you have chosen for said event. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee we will have every garment available in your size for the fitting, but we will always measure you up in a similar garment best to fit. We will get you to sign paper work per suit you are hiring to say you are happy with the fit of all garments provided. On second fitting, we will hope to have your suit ready for you to try on but once again this is never guaranteed as we may be waiting on garments that could potentially be out on hire already. On second fit this is your last opportunity to make sure you are happy with the fit of all garments required and we will once again get you to sign to say you are happy with the fit of the suit. If you wish to change any items you have until your second fit to do so after this date we may not be able to agree to any changes made.


Cancellation of hire:

In the event of the order being cancelled with in 24 hours of the order date a full refund will be given including deposits, after the point deposits are non-refundable as stated in section *On Booking. If the event is cancelled a month prior to the collection date you will be required to pay 50% of the hire charge. If event is cancelled 2 weeks prior to the collection date you will be required to pay the full cost of all hired items. If an order is cancelled due to unexpected exceptional circumstances the decision of a refund of any money paid including deposits will be entirely at the discretion of the manager.


Collection and return of hired garments:

You will be able to collect you hired garments from us 2-3 days prior the event unless discussed otherwise. It is the hirers responsibility to phone us here at Dickies Menswear to confirm all garments have arrived and are ready for collection before coming down to the store. If on second fit there was any sizing changes the customer is welcome to try all garments on before leaving the shop. It is the hires responsibility to make sure all suits are up to their standard before taking the garments away from the shop, also if in a big party it is the main hires responsibility to make sure other wearers try on their suits before the event day. All garments must be returned the next working day after the event by 1pm, we will confirm this date on booking and you will sign to say you are happy with that return date. Failure to do so will result in late fees of £20 per day per suit hired with us. 

Extended hire:

Hire orders may be extended for additional day at £10 per day. This should be arranged with the staff member on first initial booking.


Care of garments:

It is the wearers responsibility to take care of all items hired from us here at Dickies Menswear. Each suit hired has a mandatory insurance against accidental damage. The charges of this would cover any accidental damage to any or all of garments provided that we feel were being used appropriately. (The insurance does NOT cover any damage made to top hats) If we feel the garments have been damaged through inappropriate use or have been lost or stolen, the wearer will be required to pay for said garments. A full range of charges will be given at this time. 

All Personal data used is for our benefit here at Dickies Menswear. We require this information for our records. Please sign below to give your consent to us holding your data here at Dickies Menswear until all hired suits are returned to the store. You can review any of your personal information we hold at any time.